Excerpts from  reviews of WHATEVER HAPPENED TO WENCESLAS? (Toronto, Peter Martin 1975)

Drabek’s humane and funny, with hair trigger sensitivity
Toronto Globe and Mail

an intelligent, precisely written first novel.
Toronto Star

…inevitably ironic overtones prevail. This gives the novel its excellent blend of light and dark shades…so
that the chiaroscuro is appealing.
Ottawa Journal

It is a metaphysical odyssey, which traces in the various settings the demythicizing of the hero’s life.
Books in Canada

Excerpts from Reviews of REPORT ON THE DEATH OF ROSENKAVALIER (Toronto, McClelland and
Stewart 1977)

His new book is a triumph
Western Living magazine

The book is good, the writer excellent, and the story a must.
St Catharines Standard

Drabek’s novel has much more depth and purpose than the usual political thriller.
Chatelaine magazine

Drabek uses English with considerable facility…His criticism of our society is subtle and not preachy, but
no less effective.
Toronto Globe and Mail

Mr. Drabek is an excellent storyteller
Winnipeg Free Press

Many elements meld to produce a superb novel. Drabek’s controlled prose, layered plot, skillful narrative
technique and his credible characters, all combine to produce a powerful book.
London Free Press

Excerpts from reviews of THE LISTER LEGACY (General Publishing, Toronto, 1980)

Spellbinding drama of wars years and beyond…Never a cliché or a dull paragraph.
Edmonton Journal

Excerpts from reviews of THE STATEMENT
(General Publishing, Toronto, 1982)

This marvelous novel evokes outrage and indignation. And well it should.
London Free Press

It is fascinating, almost hypnotic.
Winnipeg Tribune
With novelist and poet, David Watmough   
With writer W.O. Mitchell    
With writer Mona Fertig
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