Jan Drabek

Welcome to my website and thank you for your interest in my work.   Please e-mail me if you don't find
what you are looking for.

About me
A generally content septuagenarian, I have at various times been a bus boy, copyboy, a U.S. Navy
sailor,  broadcaster, travel clerk, High School teacher, tutor, ESL instructor, protocol chief and an
ambassador. I am married and have two daughters. Oh yes, I also write – both in English and Czech --
with some 19 books to my credit (six of them fiction with one children’s book). Several have been
bestsellers both here in Canada and in the Czech Republic.
Four thick volumes in my cabinet are filled with articles published in everything from Reader’s Digest to
the Central European Quarterly. During the two years preceding the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 I was
a columnist from the Prague glossy called Xantypa, something of a Czech equivalent of Vanity Fair.
Amongst other things I am past president of the Federation of BC Writers.  I have also been Writer in
Residence at the Vancouver Public Library in 1988, a writing instructor at Banff, taught memoir writing
for the Vancouver School Board, lectured at a Moncton summer workshop and accompanied Josef
and Zdena Skvorecky, exile publishers, to Prague in 1990  where they received the Order of the White
Lion from my erstwhile schoolmate, president Vaclav Havel.
With Czech President Vaclav Havel receiving my late father's posthumous Masaryk prize for service
to Czechoslavakia during World War II.   
With Queen Elizabeth as she arrived in Prague in 1996.
With Pope John Paul II in Moravia in 1996  
With Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright in Prague in 1996.